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Sperse is a metasearch engine that was made available to the world in early 2008. Sperse searches multiple search engines and filters for duplicates returning more comprehensive, relevant and fast results to the users.

Sperse was founded by Shiv Kapoor. The founders has implemented some unique features that differentiate the Meta Search Engine from other major Search Engines.

Sperse is a innovative search solution that will ease your tasks of daily searching. Search Engines have became an integral part of our daily Internet and web activities and Sperse is extremely pleased to provide its community with a powerful, flexible, feature rich, search solution. When results are displayed, the 'Preview' options shows a live preview of the website and helps users save substantial time by promptly identifying the content they need. Also the integration of several specialized search fields i.e. Web, Images, Videos, News, Shopping, and others creates a centralized platform for professional users to filter the content they need.

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