About Sperse

Sperse promises to conveniently surprise users with new-found search information as it combines the best of the web in a single search. Sperse searches Google, Yahoo and Bing along with its own database and filters for duplicate results returning more comprehensive, relevant and fast results to the users. The search engine aims at giving its users what they require. Sperse provides several search options to its users, some may include the ability to search Images, Videos, News, Shopping, Blogs, Dictionary, Forums, Wikipedia, PDF File extensions and many more.

Sperse is an innovative and flexible search solution that allows users to tailor their interest searches through a diverse range of formats. Unlike other search offerings, users will also be able to optionally streamline their selections through Sperse's ability to offer color images displayed in conjunction with the selected results. Additionally, when results are displayed, the 'Preview' options shows a live preview of the website and helps users save substantial time by promptly identifying the content they need. Also the integration of several specialized search fields i.e. Web, Images, Audio, News, Video, and others creates a centralized platform for professional users to filter the content they need. Sperse has also integrated Real-Time results from Twitter. Increasingly, the web's most interesting content is what our friends and other people are talking about, sharing and looking at right now, therefore our search results are influenced by what people are sharing on Twitter.