Spread the word

Want to make it easy for your friends and family to use Sperse? Help spread the word about Sperse, so that more people can find products, services and information they're looking for.

On your website or blog:
1. Write an article or blog post about the world's most comprehensive meta search engine. Check out our About us for more information on Sperse's history, launch and features.
-- Example: Check out Sperse.com, the search engine that makes finding information easy. Just enter any search term and Sperse will display the comprehensive results from major search engines compiled into one! You can also install a handy Firefox plugin so you can search in your browser whenever you want.

2. Add Sperse to your links section.
Example: Sperse.com. A innovative meta search engine that searches multiple search engines and filters for duplicates returning more comprehensive, relevant and fast results to the users.

In your e-mail:
1. Let your friends know how easy it is to search the web, using our comprehensive meta search engine. Send them a quick e-mail with a link so the next time they're looking for any information Sperse will return them more comprehensive, relevant and fast results!
2. Add text like the following as a footer to your e-mail so you spread the word about Sperse everytime you click "send".
-Sperse.com: Search Quick Search Right.
-Sperse.com: Searching made easy by the world's most comprehensive meta search engine.
-Sperse.com: The meta search engine.

On the web:
1. Bring our meta search engine with you anywhere on the web! Simply download our Firefox plug-in so your browser will display a Sperse search box. Anytime you, or your friends and family, are on your computer, you can all use the Sperse search engine.
2. Add us to your favorite bookmarking sites: