An easier CRM to manage and improve your customer's journey


What is a CRM and why do you need one?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software is used to implement the smart and effective business strategy to connect your people and processes into a single system. The CRM software should manage the entire customer journey, from a prospective lead into a customer and a long-term customer relationship.

An effective CRM has a range of business functionality to store and manage all your prospects, leads, customers, partners and sales data and work flows in a unified system. It helps your team with collaboration and communications, to keep notes, track your sales pipeline, send and receive emails, make calls, view reports, schedule tasks and appointments, and store or share important documents.

When you’re busy managing a business, you'll need a CRM to streamline and manage the information of your customers, prospective customers and partners across your sales, marketing and customer support departments. Managing your customer lifecycle experience, and maximizing your team’s efficiency cannot be an after-thought.

The sooner you implement a good CRM software, the sooner you can avoid a chaotic and inefficient system that costs you time, money, opportunities and lead to poor interactions with your prospects, customers and partners.

Why Sperse CRM?

There are hundreds of CRM's available today, but not all CRM's are created equal, and there's no one-size-fits all CRM. Sperse CRM stands out from the crowd by combining power, simplicity and flexibility. It’s ease-of-use combined with powerful and intelligent functionality are an ideal combination to make the most of your precious time and business relationships.

Clutter Free and Intuitive Experience

Sperse CRM give you everything you need while eliminating all the clunky bloatware most business applications come with.

The Sperse CRM aims to enhance your team’s productivity so they can enrich the experience your customers have with your company, Its clean, modern, intuitive and meticulously crafted user-experience gives you and your team a frictionless and pleasant experience unlike any other, and requires minimal time to get started. Its systematic way of converting prospective leads into sales and manage your customer lifecycle with ease.

Adaptive and Extensible Architecture

Most importantly, the Sperse CRM was built with an extensible and modular architecture to be customizable to adapt to your specific business size, industry and .in advanced cases, to extend the functionality to match your business requirements.

You can use your own branding. It’s designed to turn complexities of business into simple processes. Its highly extensible nature can accommodate your custom configurable for your specific requirements.

Collaborative Suite of Applications

Best of all the CRM works together with the Sperse suite of applications, like your Cash Flow and HR.

Key features & benefits of Sperse CRM

Sales Pipeline Management for Leads & Clients

  • Managing your pipeline of customers & opportunities is easy with our intuitive Drag & Drop Contacts and Sales Lead Pipeline Management.
  • Permission Based Sharing lets you assign leads by employee or by team managers.
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Collaborative Document Management System

  • Streamline the way your team stores and tracks sales documents and agreements with your staff and customers so you can close more deals, faster.
  • Built in Viewer and Editor, with search functionality make it easy to find and modify documents.
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Collaborative Team Calendar and Task Management

  • Create and assign tasks to your team members. With team assignments and notifications, collaboration on tasks is easy.
  • Add team members to any task, and track task progress from start to finish.
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Smart Tools to Import and Export & Sync Your Contacts

  • The Import Wizard quickly imports all your customer contacts and leads
  • Download your contacts using our export tools for multiple file formats.
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Connectivity tools for over a thousand web apps with Zapier integration

  • Easily connect the Sperse CRM with over 1,000 web applications via the Zapier API. If you need a custom app integration that’s not supported, check with our team to explore the best options.
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Clear and Concise Dashboard and Insightful Reports

  • Gain meaningful insights with customized reports and dashboards. Use intelligent reports to proactively identify your business trends. Set filters and use pivot tables to get granular details to make better decisions.
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Permissions based Client and Partner Portal

  • Your clients, affiliates and partners can log-in to your customized portal to view client details. As a custom service, we can extend or customize the portal to show the functionality and information that you want each person to access.

Automate your email communications & notifications

  • Our system can be used to automate the communications alerts and notifications to clients or team members via email or SMS. This custom functionality can be used to update users of any changes or progress or alert them of any timely actions they must take.

Streamline and automate your decisions and workflows

  • Sperse CRM can be customized to analyze customer input data, and apply your custom rules to automate decisioning and streamline the routing of customers based on your custom rules. Talk to our team to explore options to implement your specific business rules.

And much more…

Who can use Sperse CRM?

Sperse CRM can help you track your customer data and documents and do much more and can serve businesses across many industries and sizes including B2B or B2C, and SMBs or Enterprise.

Our customers include a wide range, from startups, to professional services companies, accounting and financial services companies, wealth-advisors, marketing companies, digital agencies, SaaS businesses and many more.

To determine if Sperse CRM software is a good fit to solve your business needs, ask whether you wish to gain any of these benefits from it:

  • To track all customer information and interactions (notes, documents, contact information)
  • To store your customer documents and information and share with your team members
  • To better search, sort and qualify your leads and manage the sales progress
  • To increase the sales productivity of my team with better access to information
  • To increase team efficiency with collaboration and reducing the mundane and manual tasks
  • To get better reporting of sales and sales processes