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The digital "brain" of your business

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent and customized software to grow and manage your business

The digital "brain" of your business

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Problem

If you manage a business, you are familiar with the problem of juggling many disconnected applications, spreadsheets and manual processes. This slows down your team’s efficiency, limits your visibility to timely information necessary for rapid, or critical, data-driven decisions.

The software tools available today to manage a business are unconnected, and often frustratingly antiquated; they do not meet the rapidly changing business needs. Combined with new security threats, these challenges are even more severe for younger companies during rapid growth periods.

The Solution

At Sperse, we aim to bridge business silos by automating your manual processes and giving you access to timely information to make smarter decisions.

Your business sales flow, work flow, and cash flow can be connected like cogs in a machine, custom-fitted to your business requirements.

With Sperse, you can have real-time insights into your business data. Our interface design turns complexity into simplicity, to give your team a user experience that lets them breeze through daily tasks with ease.

Comprehensive Customer Life-Cycle Management

What We Do

We use a holistic approach to fully understand your specific business needs. We apply your business requirements to customize our software, which can use machine-learning to automate your work flows and business processes such as customer relations, marketing and cash flow management.

Computer systems process information at a far greater speed and capacity than humans. Businesses that will excel in the future, will be the ones who employ the smartest technologies. Our goal is to build the most advanced AI software to give you, and your team, an extra competitive edge and enhanced management-level decision making capabilities, beyond the technical limits of today.

How it Works
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Your growing business needs smart software to help manage your various departments. For example: a customized CRM solution, real-time reporting, executive dashboards and the ability to share information between all your business applications.

Certain third-party software tools can perform one function well, but lack flexibility, or may not connect well with other software tools. Often, you may find yourself stuck using paper or spreadsheets to manage sensitive business information.

Sperse gives you a connected solution, closely integrated with APIs of hundreds of popular online business applications and financial institutions, to give you access to all your data centrally.


Today, businesses have to adapt to use their software tools, and humans have to learn how to use machines.

Sperse intends to turn that notion on its head. Software should adapt to each business, and machines should learn to adapt to humans.

Sperse has an intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly interface design, and customized work flows that can adapt to your business so you can focus on growing your business.

Sperse software can be modified to fit your specific business needs, and it can be evolved as your business grows and changes, with executive dashboards for real-time insights and reporting.


As more companies migrate to use business applications with cloud-based document storage and sharing to eliminate paper and to save precious time, such software tools introduce new challenges around security and privacy that can put your business at extraordinary risk by taking your data out of your control.

With Sperse, you have complete and secure access to your data. Our platform uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data, with a hybrid-architecture for internal and external security.

You get the best of both worlds by keeping certain private information locally, or granting specific online access to your data to authorized users.

CRM and Sales Management

Modern, intuitive and feature rich CRM and Sales management software.

Sperse CRM and Sales Management
Sperse CRM Client View Contact
Sperse CRM Manage Clients

Managing your customers, contacts and sales funnel is easier and more efficient with Sperse.

Sperse CRM and Sales Management
Sperse CRM Client View Contact
Sperse CRM Manage Clients
Cash flow outlook (CFO)

Real-time Cash Flow and Forecasting Software to enhance & automate your financial reporting

CFO rules engine

CFO rules engine

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