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Sperse: the centralized growth platform for your online business
Sperse is the critical missing piece to solve your growth puzzle.

Sperse is a centralized growth platform to power your Sales, Services, or Subscription business.

We get it. We've experienced the growing pains of building fast-growing online businesses. Running a scalable online membership business requires many capabilities that are difficult to manage when disconnected from each other.

Sperse enables SaaS businesses with a suite of smart apps, integrations, and capabilities to streamline and scale their membership subscriptions and sales.

Give your clients, affiliates, partners, and team the best experience they deserve.

Your custom client portal, website, or app


Connected to a smart management software suite.


All-In-One Software Suite

Sperse connects the dots to streamline, manage and grow your online sales and subscription businesses.

User Login Management
User Login Management
  • User Login Authentication
  • Passwordless Logins
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Hierarchical Organizations
  • Secure 2FA Authentication
Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Relationship Manager
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Sales, Pipelines, and Checklists
  • Unified email & SMS messages
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Document Storage and Sharing
Sales & Affiliate Management
Sales & Affiliate Management
  • Subscription Management System
  • Products, Invoices & Payments
  • Affiliate Tracking & Commissions
  • WooCommerce Synchronization
  • Real-time cashflow analysis
Advanced & custom functionalities
Advanced & custom functionalities
  • Custom Client Portal
  • Custom branded experience
  • Custom database support
  • Custom workflow automation
  • Extensible Business Model

Plans for every stage of your business growth.

Packed with powerful features to gain the traction you need to grow.

  • logins

    Smart contact management with multiple groups & hierarchies

  • drag-n-drop

    Drag & Drop pipeline funnels and lead progression

  • document-manager

    Document management, file storage, sharing, and editing

  • api

    Team roles, permissions, assignments, and activity tracking

  • notification

    Alerts and notifications system

  • calendar

    Team task collaboration, calendar, and scheduling

  • import

    Import wizard and export tools to sync your data

  • email

    Send and track emails, and sync with your Gmail account

  • authentication

    Two-factor authentication for your added security

  • Wordpress logo
  • WooCommerce logo
  • SalesTalk logo
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Zapier logo
  • Wordpress logo
  • WooCommerce logo
  • SalesTalk logo
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Zapier logo
Connecting your data

Connecting your data

There’s been an explosion of cloud applications that work in silos. Hub is an extensible API framework and ecosystem to connect and move your data between the Sperse platform and the various applications your business frequently uses. We’ve built over 150+ app integrations with many apps and can connect with even more apps via Zapier.

Our Data Quality layer called “SCAN” (Standardize, Clean, Analyze and enrich) checks and improves your data integrity so you have the utmost confidence in the reliability of your data, a basic requirement for AI.

Key features & benefits of Sperse CRM

  • Sales Pipeline Management for Leads & Clients

    • Streamline the way your team stores and tracks sales documents and agreements with your staff and customers so you can close more deals, faster.
    • Add team members to any task, and track task progress from start to finish.
     Sales Pipeline Management for Leads & Clients
  • Collaborative Document Management System

    • Create and assign tasks to your team members. With team assignments and notifications, collaboration on tasks is easy.
    • Built in Viewer and Editor, with search functionality make it easy to find and modify documents.
     Collaborative Document Management System
  • Collaborative Team Calendar and Task Management

    • Create and assign tasks to your team members. With team assignments and notifications, collaboration on tasks is easy.
    • Add team members to any task, and track task progress from start to finish.
     Collaborative Team Calendar and Task Management
  • Smart Tools to Import and Export & Sync Your Contacts

    • The Import Wizard quickly imports all your customer contacts and leads
    • Download your contacts using our export tools for multiple file formats.
     Smart Tools to Import and Export & Sync Your Contacts
  • Connectivity tools for over a thousand web apps with Zapier integration

    • Easily connect the Sperse CRM with over 1,000 web applications via the Zapier API. If you need a custom app integration that’s not supported, check with our team to explore the best options.
     Connectivity tools for over a thousand web apps with Zapier integration
  • Clear and Concise Dashboard and Insightful Reports

    • Gain meaningful insights with customized reports and dashboards. Use intelligent reports to proactively identify your business trends. Set filters and use pivot tables to get granular details to make better decisions.
     Clear and Concise Dashboard and Insightful Reports
  • Permissions based Client and Partner Portal

    • Your clients, affiliates and partners can log-in to your customized portal to view client details. As a custom service, we can extend or customize the portal to show the functionality and information that you want each person to access.

    Automate your email communications & notifications

    • Our system can be used to automate the communications alerts and notifications to clients or team members via email or SMS. This custom functionality can be used to update users of any changes or progress or alert them of any timely actions they must take.

    Streamline and automate your decisions and workflows

    • Sperse CRM can be customized to analyze customer input data, and apply your custom rules to automate decisions and streamline the routing of customers based on your custom rules. Talk to our team to explore options to implement your specific business rules.

What some of our clients are saying

  • I have been in the CRM space since its inception. CRM Magazine recognized me as the Father of CRM – and my company Brock Control Systems was the first CRM to go public. I’m impressed how Sperse goes beyond traditional CRMs by taking a unique approach to develop an invaluable solution. Their platform holistically integrates core tools a business needs to grow profitably – providing cross-functional capabilities and insights to companies who want to grow online and optimize their resources. Sperse has a remarkably skilled team that has been a pleasure to work with.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Richard Brock Founder & CEO Sales Relevance
  • I have worked with many business applications and CRMs over the years, and nothing has been as easy to use and as customizable as Sperse. Their core value is creating a custom portal for your clients, connected with a centralized, automated view for all the main aspects of your business. Far greater than the stunning technology is the disposition and professionalism of the Sperse team, who provide the highest quality of help and insight. Each individual of the company is deeply passionate about what they do. The real value behind their technology comes from effective people willing and able to solve your problems.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Shai Bar-ZivDirector of SalesRapid Phone Center
  • I am thrilled to be doing business with Sperse! They are changing the business technology landscape with a unified software platform. It's designed so technology fits the business, rather than the other way around. The Sperse team is most capable and fully committed to the client's success all the way. We absolutely love working with Sperse and they've given us 5-star service!

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Cheri TreeFounder & ChairmanCodebreaker Technologies, Inc.
  • Sperse provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability through its platform and API. Sperse enables us to quickly and affordably expand our tech stack with world-class functionality. Their leadership team has been incredibly responsive and is committed to the success of their clients and partners.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Brandon BarnumChairman &
  • Sperse is flexible, yet automated. This software is a view into the future of financial data management. Most accounting systems don't do a decent job of cash management or cash-flow projections. Sperse connects to virtually any data source and is supremely flexible in allowing you to look forwards and backward with your cash flow under various scenarios.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Steve LockshinFounder & PrincipalAdvice Period
  • Sperse’s masterful melding of a client portal, with business management and intelligence tools, makes it an integrated solution in which you can truly run your entire business. Automatons and cross-application insights propel Sperse’s impressive scope of value to drive data-based decisions, with a clear cashflow outlook and consolidated client lifecycle management. Feature-rich with a sleek and intuitive design, Sperse is a forward-leaning platform from a dedicated team. Few platforms reach the breadth of Sperse, with many advancements on the horizon.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Shiv KapoorFounderNifty
  • Sperse is a company that is dedicated to high-quality work to help its clients succeed. It is leading the way to build modern client portals with fully integrated workflows. They envisioned and built a cutting-edge client portal to give our customers a remarkable experience to order our custom-branded eco-friendly bottles. This helps Pathwater greatly expand our revenue opportunities and automate our operational functions.

    Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
    Ali OrabiCo-Founder & Chief Marketing OfficerPATH
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Essential tools to manage the entire customer lifecycle

Unmatched power to grow your sales or subscription business:

  • Get all customer details at your fingertips

  • View your leads organized into pipelines

  • View customer billing and subscriptions

  • View documents shared for each contact

  • At-a-glance dashboard for key metrics

  • Easily import your list or Linkedin contacts

  • Convenient and secure biometric login

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