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Sperse is a software suite providing you clarity, connectivity and collaboration, to know your customer, your cash and your data.

Business Automation Platform

Get a centralized view of your business with a powerful system that’s simple to use.

Your client facing portal, connected to a powerful management platform.

Backoffice to streamline your business Redo

Give your clients, partners and team members the experience they deserve

Your portal site is essential for your customers and partners to engage, communicate and collaborate with you. Learn how we can help power your portal with an extraordinary user-experience, along with smart back-end functionality to manage your data.

A modern backoffice to streamline your business

What’s under the hood?

Data intelligence and digital plumbing to power your business

Primary business problems we solve

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  • poor cash

    Most businesses fail due to poor cash management.

    Many businesses struggle to plan cash flows because they are driving their business looking in the rear view mirror with today’s financial tools.
  • dozens

    Business data is spread out over dozens of applications.

    This lack of connectivity between applications leads to poor data quality and data integrity.
  • confusing

    Business software interfaces are often clunky and confusing.

    This requires extensive learning curves by users and employees. This slows down daily processes and is a huge hidden cost for the business.

CFO: Cashflow Outlook

Connect from 15,000 Financial Institutions

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Daily updates from bank accounts

Daily updates from your bank accounts

CRM: Management Tools

Essential tools to manage the entire customer lifecycle

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  • Smart contact management with multiple groups
  • Drag & drop pipeline funnels and lead progression
  • Document manager, file storage, sharing & editing
  • Team roles, permissions, assignments & hierarchies
  • Alerts and notifications system
  • Team task collaboration, calendar & scheduling
  • Import wizard and export tools to sync your data
  • Send and track emails, and sync with Gmail account
  • Two-factor authentication for highest security
  • Full API and webhooks to connect external apps
  • Social logins giving users permission-based access
  • Integrated sales orders and invoicing
  • Integrated subscription billing & management
  • Multiple-payment options, including Recurly
  • Data quality and enrichment our SCAN method
  • Intelligent reports, insights, and forecasting
  • Zapier App and Google App Integrations
  • Built-in smart short-links and click tracking
  • Communications suite for email, SMS, and phone
  • Deal management and streamlined sales automation
  • Workflow automation, triggers, and actions
  • Track affiliate partner sales-commission & payouts
  • Browser plugins to capture and manage leads
  • Native mobile apps: contact lookup, sync & dialer
  • Built-in Phone dialer and call tracker
  • Custom portal to connect with clients & partners
  • Custom 3rd-party API integrations or functionality

HUB: Connecting your data

Solves the poor data connectivity problem

There’s been an explosion of cloud applications that work in silos. Hub is an extensible API framework and ecosystem to connect and move your data between the Sperse platform and the various applications your business frequently uses. We’ve built integrations with many apps and connect more apps via Zapier.

Our Data Quality layer called “SCAN” (Standardize, Clean, Analyze and enrich) checks and improves your data integrity so you have the utmost confidence in the reliability of your data, a basic requirement for AI.

UI: Intelligent, Intuitive Design

Solves the Poor Usability Problem

Good design is good business. We’ve created an intelligent, clutter-free, consistent design framework for users to quickly and easily navigate their daily work flows.

The efficiencies gained from an easier, intuitive and frictionless interface are directly beneficial for the bottom line of a business in the long term.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Augment Human Capabilities

Our roadmap includes building advanced data analysis and intelligent chatbot features which utilize machine learning algorithms, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google, and leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) services.

Artificial Intelligence for business applications is still in its infancy. It promises to greatly improve customer service and reduce costs for companies by enhancing the interaction between users and systems.


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