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Sperse is supported by a diverse range of affiliates and strategic partners who play a key role in our growth strategy.

By leveraging our respective strengths, and through close collaboration, we can help each other achieve great success.

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Different ways to partner with Sperse


Affiliates, Referral Partners

Grow your business and earn commissions by referring new clients and promoting Sperse to your audience.

Contact us to learn about our VIP affiliate program to earn recurring commissions.


Accountants, Book Keepers

Stand out from the crowd and give your clients what they really want - a way to stay on top of their cash flow and forecasts. We can refer clients to you once you become a Certified Accounting Partner


Incubators and Accelerators

Power your portfolio companies with the essential tools and transformative capabilities Sperse offers, to fuel their growth and flourish. Startups can carefully manage their cash flow and sales opportunities in their early years, when they need it most.


Lenders & Financial Services Companies

With the range of business and personal financial tools we offer, along with an integrated CRM and customer lifecycle management, we can help you win more business, while giving your clients a tool to manage their money.


Developers and Integration partners

Leverage our platform to power your ideas to build solutions for your organization and clients. Our interactive API lets you connect with our system to give your end users a seamless experience. If your solution is a suitable fit, it also gives you a chance to promote your business to Sperse customers.


Business Advisors & Coaches

Give your clients the edge with tools that will improve their business efficiency. As business coaches and advisors, you’ll have added credibility when offering clients, the guidance and tools they need.

Strategic Partnerships

Get a centralized view of your business with essential tools that are easy to use.


Earn commission and recurring revenue-sharing

Co-branding and custom branding options


API access, custom integrations and technical support

Promotional discounts and coupons

Marketing tools and promotions

Sales collaboration and referrals


Tracking & analytics for in-depth reporting


Early access to new features on the Sperse road-map


Exclusive partner content, resources and co-marketing opportunities


Newsletter and updates


Get priority support

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To start earning commissions.

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